Tech-53 Inc.
Tech-53 probably started in the heart of a teenager in the 80's.
At that time swapping a JH into a Mk1 Scirocco was the most innovative thing out there...

Move 30 some odd years later, and we're still as passionate about A1 chassis VW's as the first day we autocrossed in parking lots in 1982.
We have engineered solutions through our own racing car needs, and also for our show car: Our flagship Mk1 Scirocco won first place in H2oi in 2011, and was driven coast to coast from eastern Canada, to LA in 16 days in an epic 8100 mile journey. We drive the hell out of our cars!

NLA and performance parts, is the core of Tech-53. Our true foundation, is the fact that we have an allegiance to A1 chassis cars, even though most suppliers, tend to spread out , in order to get a larger market. Not Tech-53...

We strive in providing the best quality custom automotive solutions, for the early W/C cars
We cater to discerning car enthusiats worldwide, and are looking forward to share our passion.

Can't find what you need? Just contact us, we'll try the best we can to offer you custom solutions. Fabrication, CNC machining, welding, are all done in house, making us flexible for custom parts. We have access to A1 chassis cars (Scirocco, Jetta, Rabbit, and Mk2 Scirocco) to mock up your special needs.

You can text / call us (438) 403-8324 (TECH)